Our clients can count on us to practice the following principles:

Commitment to your success

We appreciate that our clients are dedicated, busy people who invest time and money to work with us. We listen deeply to our clients as we strive to make a meaningful, lasting difference and leave them with energy, insights, and tools that can be sustained over time.

Valuing and tapping the strengths of diversity

We work with our clients to appreciate each person and value learning from diverse experiences and perspectives so that everyone can contribute fully.

Creating a space for exploration and practice

We recognize that building new capacities requires practice and a willingness to take risks. We encourage and model a sense of curiosity and exploration to foster safe environments for creativity and innovation.

Focusing group wisdom

We engage groups in collective thinking so they gain access to their own wisdom and capacity to explore ideas, work through challenges, create visions, set goals and develop strategies.

Building connections

We believe that strong relationships are at the heart of successful organizations and healthy communities. Our processes strengthen communication and build mutual accountability, appreciation and trust.

Reframing challenges as opportunities

We work with our clients to shift from a problem-oriented approach to appreciate and build on strengths and take on challenges as opportunities.

Uncovering assumptions and employing theory

We guide groups in examining the beliefs and assumptions behind what they do, using concepts and theories to clarify thinking and guide action.