You can count on me to practice these guiding principles to build trusting and effective partnerships:

Cultivating Connections – Trusting, caring relationships are at the core of successful teams, personal fulfillment, and cultural and social change. I work with you to build connections as whole beings through sharing stories, open communication, and practices that cultivate empathy, mutual accountability, and appreciation.

Learning and Practice Mindset – To learn and grow, we need the freedom to take risks and make mistakes. I encourage clients to let go of the need to be perfect and take a stance that we are all whole and perfectly imperfect. Together, we take on a practice mindset where we cultivate curiosity, normalize mistakes, and give each other grace as we learn together. 

Trusting Your Wisdom – Whatever your aspirations or goals, I trust that you have the wisdom, insights, and resourcefulness you need. My role is to provide a space for you to deepen awareness of needs and explore possibilities and choices. 

Finding Opportunity in Challenge – I work with clients to shift away from deficit mindset and find opportunities in challenging situations. I provide tools for moving past feelings of powerlessness so you can find the freedom to act from a place of power and choice. 

Uncovering Roots and Patterns  – All of our experiences are influenced by the social and cultural systems that we’re a part of. Together we build awareness of these systems and the patterns that play out in our lives. This enables you to cultivate mindsets and practices that support social justice and human liberation.