Practicing Accountability with Love

Posted on Aug 14, 2023 in Collaborative Communication, Transformation | 0 comments

What do we do when we find our boundaries violated? How do we respond when someone makes a transphobic or racist comment? What can we do when we think we have done or said something to harm another? All of these situations, and many more, are calls for accountability.  We desperately need accountability. We need healthy ways to account or answer for our actions (or inactions). Without accountability, past and present harms go unchecked,...

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Resisting Hurtful Messages with Counternarratives 

Posted on Mar 4, 2020 in Collaborative Communication, Gender Diversity, Transformation | 0 comments

We get messages from all around us in many different forms – from words, behaviors, images, books, television and more. Negative messages can leave us feeling that we don’t belong, we’re not enough, we’re too much, we’re unlovable, or we’re undeserving. This post provides some tips for resisting and countering those messages. Read on for ways to support young people, adults, or for your own self-care. When my child was growing...

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Halloween: A perfect time to challenge stereotypes

Posted on Oct 15, 2018 in Gender Diversity | 0 comments

“What will I be for Halloween?” is on the minds of many children this month. Halloween can be a time when anything is possible, but these possibilities can also be snatched away by pressure to fit gender stereotypes. Here are some reactions I’ve gotten from kids after reading the book I wrote about a little boy who wants to dress up as a princess: “Why would a boy want to wear a dress?”, or  “Don’t...

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Using Gender-Inclusive Language with Children & Families: 7 Tips

Posted on Mar 30, 2018 in Collaborative Communication, Gender Diversity | 10 comments

The Gendering of Language When you pay attention, it’s hard to miss the fact that gendered words are part and parcel of everyday language. For most of my life, I just took these habits for granted. But, raising a nonbinary child and learning from the LGBTQ+ community has made me more aware of how deeply ingrained gendered language is, and how harmful it can be. Most gendered words are binary; they make room for only two genders...

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What’s Gender Diversity Got to Do with My Nonprofit?

Posted on Jul 27, 2017 in Gender Diversity | 0 comments

Published by Neon CRM on July 26, 2017, here. There’s a gender revolution going on. Young people are busting out of gender boxes and expressing who they are in many ways. Growing numbers of children, youth, and adults are identifying as transgender. Important progress has been made as the result of many years of struggle, and the work of many leaders and activists, both past and present. This includes growing awareness that gender isn’t...

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