“Laurin is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, experienced, empathetic, strategic, visionary partner who invests deeply in the work and cares deeply for the folks who are experiencing and working through the day to day challenges. She has supported me through one-on-ones and coaching, which I have found highly valuable. She helped me chart pathways through sticky issues and develop innovative strategies for strengthening and deepening our work. I trust Laurin wholeheartedly and I highly recommend her services for anyone in need of coaching or support on DEIJ work.”

—Chanté Coleman, Senior Vice President of Equity & Justice, National Wildlife Federation


“At a critical time in my life when I craved conversations with others who can relate to my experiences as a multiracial person, Laurin’s leadership and facilitation of our group was a balm for my soul. Her expertise in structuring the space and creating the conditions for us to build a sense of safety and trust together was incredible. Laurin leverages her extensive community building, leadership, and coaching skills and experiences to make people feel seen in an experience that is largely invisibilized. She balanced the development of the group with sharing her own experiences in a deeply healing, transformative way. And while she brings decades of wisdom and time-tested practice, she is able to humanize the work by grounding in humility and pushing back against the tool of oppression we know as perfectionism. I remain forever grateful for Laurin’s skill, leadership, and care.”

—Ellie Tumbuan, Co-founder & Managing Partner. The Justice Collective


“As a crisis center, it is in our fabric to listen with compassion, to not judge, to hold hope, and to believe in a better day. These practices form a foundation for our agency that was strengthened by Laurin’s gender diversity training with our staff. Laurin’s training  focused on developing  a culture of open communication which led to the deconstruction of the gender binary at our agency, an improved internal culture, and better service delivery to clients of all gender identities and expressions.”

 —Kim Mizuhara, Crisis Support Services of Alameda County


“Working with Laurin on my own personal strategic plan has been transformative. Laurin supported and witnessed me in a visioning process, which gave me the clarity to take immediate steps in aligning with and realizing work I hadn’t even articulated to myself before. Now, some years later, I see our conversations as pivotal in manifesting the work I am truly called to do.”

—René Rivera, Restorative Justice Facilitator


“I was really pleased that we could begin having this discussion. I now feel emboldened to continue conversations like this every year to open all our minds to how people express gender in different ways and how we can show empathy and compassion toward others.”

—Aiko Keen, Second Grade Teacher, Bridges Academy, Oakland


“When I was experiencing self-doubt and fear, Laurin brought kindness, honesty and strength to her listening and coaching. She challenged me to honor both feelings without making myself wrong and ultimately practice self-compassion and courage.”

—Stacy Kono, Non-Profit Leader


“CPCA contracted with Mayeno Consulting to support CPCA’s pivot to becoming an Anti-Racism organization, which included the formation of an Anti-Racism Steering Committee. Laurin served as the coach of the steering committee. Laurin’s conviction, content expertise, wisdom, transparency, insight, empathy, and compassion sustained and encouraged the steering committee through a turbulent transition as the committee steered and supported organizational initiatives to achieve Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) at CPCA. Laurin is an outstanding DEIJ coach and consultant who I highly recommend to any organization with JEDI aspirations.”

Buddy Orange, Senior Vice President of Justice, Equity Diversity and Inclusion, California Primary Care Association