I provide coaching, consultation, and facilitation that focus on personal and professional fulfillment for individuals and teams. In an initial free consultation, we will determine the service or blend of services to support you in reaching your goals. 

  • Individual or Group Coaching – Through active listening, powerful questioning, and personalized processes, I help you uncover what matters most to you, expand your thinking about what is possible, and chart a path towards your goals. We will honor and work with feelings that come up, and underlying needs connected to them. You will overcome beliefs that hold you back, appreciate and build on strengths, and take on challenges with a sense of choice and opportunity. Group coaching is provided for teams or individuals working on an area of shared interest. Through a facilitated process tailored to the group, participants benefit from the insights and creative thinking of their peers, as well as the connection that comes from being understood by others with similar experiences. The process results in growth for the group as well as for each individual.


  • Consulting – As a consultant, I act as more than a thought-partner. I provide dynamic frameworks, tools, and approaches tailored to your needs and guide you in applying these to your work and life. I guide groups in examining the beliefs and assumptions behind what they do, using concepts and theories to clarify thinking and guide action. I offer observations and recommendations designed to help you identify and consider possibilities and choices. 


  • Facilitation –  I facilitate processes to increase access to group wisdom, creativity, curiosity and  build trust, connection and mutual appreciation. I engage groups in sharing experiences and thinking together to build community, explore ideas, work through challenges, create visions, set goals and develop strategies. I design and facilitate group processes to help you meet your goals and develop a supportive and collaborative team culture. I also design and facilitate customized workshops to build knowledge, skills, and understanding that enhance your work. Areas of focus include Collaborative Communication, Gender Inclusion & Justice, Mixed Race/Multiracial Experience, and DEIJ in Organizations.