Many organizations strive to be as responsive as possible to the diversity that exists in their communities. This entails finding ways to work most effectively with the community as well as building collaborative cross-cultural relationships inside the organization.

Mayeno Consulting works with organizations to develop cultural humility and sustain multicultural change processes.  Strategies focus on supporting organizations to recognize and build on their strengths and realize their potential in a multicultural context.

Organizations are often stymied in their efforts because people have different ideas about how important the issue is, or why and how it should be addressed. There is often resistance to addressing the issue and/or fears around safety in discussing the topics openly. Mayeno Consulting’s approach addresses these concerns by:

  • building organizational readiness and enthusiasm for the process,
  • strengthening capacity to communicate effectively across different experiences and perspectives,
  • clarifying the values and assumptions that guide the change process,
  • supporting the development of leaders in the change process, and
  • developing action plans.