Do you or your group want to take your DEIJ work to the next level? Are you feeling stuck, facing challenges, or needing clearer direction? I support leaders and teams who have a foundation in DEIJ knowledge and practice and want to go further. This may include:  

  • Clarifying your equity & justice values and your beliefs about organizational change
  • Strengthening your focus on anti-racism, gender justice, and intersectionality
  • Developing actionable strategies grounded in your values
  • Strengthening capacity to communicate effectively across different experiences and perspectives
  • Integrating equity and justice practices into your day-to-day work and interactions
  • Building organizational readiness and enthusiasm for the process
  • Cultivating allyship/co-conspirators
  • Taking on challenges as opportunities for growth
  • Refocus and renewal for ongoing equity & justice work
  • Practices for self-care, community care and sustainability

“Laurin’s conviction, content expertise, wisdom, transparency, insight, empathy, and compassion sustained and encouraged the steering committee through a turbulent transition as the committee steered and supported organizational initiatives to achieve Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.”

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