Do you want to bring an understanding and awareness of gender diversity/gender justice into your work? Do you want to cultivate allyship and solidarity with transgender, non-binary, and gender queer people? I support educators working with gender diversity in schools and DEIJ leaders and teams who want to create more gender inclusive environments and integrate principles of gender justice into their work. This includes:

  • Unlearning either/or ways of looking at gender and developing expansive understandings 
  • Language and practices for creating more equitable and inclusive workplaces and schools
  • Creating a climate that is welcoming to people of all gender identities and expressions in your classroom, school, or organization
  • Developing gender-inclusive curriculum, activities, programs, and services

“Laurin’s training (…) led to the deconstruction of the gender binary at our agency, an improved internal culture, and better service delivery to clients of all gender identities and expressions.”

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