Do you want to create support spaces for biracial/multiracial people in your organization, conference, or workshop? Are you a mixed-race person who wants to navigate challenges or show up more fully in all of your identities? I design and facilitate affinity spaces for people of mixed race experience to connect, express their thoughts and feelings, and learn from each other. I offer individual and group coaching that includes exploration of the unique experiences of mixed-race people. Topics may include:

  • Understanding and owning our own identities
  • Holding multiple identities without having to chose
  • Navigating stereotypes, perceptions, expectations, and questions
  • Being “othered” or dealing with cultural erasure in family, workplace, or community
  • Recognizing both privilege and oppression for people with light skin or white privilege
  • Self-expression through writing, storytelling, or visual art

“At a critical time in my life when I craved conversations with others who can relate to my experiences as a multiracial person, Laurin’s leadership and facilitation of our group was a balm for my soul.”